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Area Requirement:

Students must complete three Integrations in at least two areas (HUM, NSM, SSC, LCD).  Types of Integrations include:

These programs must be taken in the first year.
These programs, both summer and semester-long programs, are led by WU faculty.
IQs are interdisciplinary explorations of enduring questions or critical issues, and require at least two courses to complete.
Your major and/or minor program(s) can be used to fulfill an Integration.


A course may be either a “Home” course or an “Ident” course.

A “Home” course is a course that is created, maintained and “owned” by one academic department (aka the “Home” department). The “Home” department is primarily responsible for the decision making and logistical support for the course and instructor.

An “Ident” course is the exact same course as the “Home” (i.e. same instructor, same class time, etc), but is simply being offered to students through another department for purposes of registering under a different department and course number.

Students should, whenever possible, register for their courses under the department number toward which they intend to count the course.For example, an AFAS major should register for the course "Africa:Peoples and Cultures" under its Ident number, L90 306B, whereas an Anthropology major should register for the same course under its Home number, L48 306B.

ArtSci Codes: