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ELECTRICAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (E35)  (Dept. Info)Engineering and Applied Science  (Policies)SP2019

E35 ESE 100Independent StudyVar. Units (max = 3.0)
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
02TBATBAArthurSee Department000
03TBATBAChingSee Department010
04TBATBAFeinsteinSee Department000
05TBATBABrownSee Department000
06TBATBAZhangSee Department000
07TBATBALewSee Department000
09TBATBAKatzSee Department000
10TBATBAMinSee Department000
11TBATBAMorleySee Department000
12TBATBAMukaiSee Department000
13TBATBAO'SullivanSee Department000
14TBATBAPickardSee Department000
15TBATBARodeSee Department000
16TBATBARodinSee Department000
17TBATBASchaettlerSee Department000
18TBATBAShraunerSee Department000
19TBATBASnyderSee Department000
20TBATBASpielmanSee Department000
21TBATBATarnSee Department000
27TBATBANehoraiSee Department000
28TBATBAYangSee Department000
29TBATBALiSee Department000
30TBATBAShenSee Department000
31TBATBAWangSee Department000
32TBATBAKurenokSee Department000
34TBATBAMellSee Department000
36TBATBAKamilovSee Department000

E35 ESE 230Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits4.0 UnitsLab Required
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
01-T-R---1:00P-2:30PHillman / 60 NussinovExam Last Day of Class90310
A--W----11:00A-12:30PUrbauer / 208 NussinovDefault - none2060
B--W----1:00P-2:30PUrbauer / 208 NussinovDefault - none20140
C---R---2:30P-4:00PUrbauer / 208 NussinovDefault - none19110

E35 ESE 400Independent StudyVar. Units (max = 3.0)
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
02TBATBAArthurDefault - none000
03TBATBAChingDefault - none000
04TBATBAFeinsteinDefault - none000
05TBATBABrownDefault - none000
06TBATBAZhang, SilviaDefault - none010
07TBATBALewDefault - none000
08TBATBAChakrabarttyDefault - none010
09TBATBAKatzDefault - none000
10TBATBAMinDefault - none000
11TBATBAMorleyDefault - none000
12TBATBAMukaiDefault - none000
13TBATBAO'SullivanDefault - none000
14TBATBAPickardDefault - none000
15TBATBARodeDefault - none000
16TBATBARodinDefault - none000
17TBATBASchaettlerDefault - none000
18TBATBAShraunerDefault - none000
19TBATBASnyderDefault - none000
20TBATBASpielmanDefault - none000
21TBATBATarnDefault - none000
22TBATBATrobaughDefault - none000
27TBATBANehoraiDefault - none000
28TBATBAYangDefault - none000
29TBATBALiDefault - none000
30TBATBAShenDefault - none000
31TBATBAWangDefault - none000
32TBATBAKurenokDefault - none010
34TBATBAMellDefault - none000
36TBATBAKamilovDefault - none010