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Social Policy (S40)  (Dept. Info)Social Work and Public Health  (Policies)

S40 SWSP 5604MSP Short Course: Authentic Advocacy: Relationships, Environment, and Self1.0 Unit
Description:Priority is given to MSP students. Space permitting, MSW and MPH students may enroll for elective credit. This course addresses relational and environment factors that can be determining factors in the efficiency and perception of a policy work. The course examines concepts of authenticity, intentionality, the art of bringing people together, code-switching and how to be a strong advocate for the things you truly value. Modules ask each student to consider an authentic melding of values, politics, people and goals. During the class, we will explore using humor and conversational language at the appropriate times to adapting to a sudden change in the power dynamic of a room mid-presentation. Drawing from and cutting across Diffusion of Innovation Theory, Stage Theory of Organizational Change, and Conscious Competence Theory, activities will be varied and interactive including 1. being asked to mock present to a room full of policy makers that seem to change their priorities mid-way through a brief, or 2. to consider how they intentionally gather people around policy decisions or 3. what they are unwilling to accept at any cost and how to advocate for their highest sense of right in real-time. The desired outcome of the course is for each student to feel more familiar with and more confident in considering relationships, environment during their policy work.
Instruction Type:Classroom instruction Grade Options:C Fees:
Course Type:HomeSame As:N/AFrequency:None / History


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