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GLOBAL STUDIES (IAS) (L97)  (Dept. Info)Arts & Sciences  (Policies)

L97 GS (IAS) 4113Linguistics and Language Learning3.0 Units
Description:This course, which is taught in English, is a foundation for students who will work with linguistically and culturally diverse people in the United States and around the world, whether this work is in the courtroom, the hospital, the classroom, the office, or another setting. The course will help to prepare students for the diverse range of 21st-century occupations that have language and linguistics at their center, including machine learning and translation studies. The course uses a survey format and covers both internal and external factors related to language acquisition and language use, such as language and the brain, language aptitude, age, gender, memory, prior knowledge, and so on. Theoretical and research dimensions of both linguistics and foreign-/second-language learning are also treated. Corresponding implications of the readings focus on action, including making decisions about language policies as well as debates around the world that are informed by linguistic and language knowledge. The course is required for the minor in applied linguistics, the PhD in applied linguistics, and the graduate certificate in language instruction. This course carries the Social and Behavioral Sciences attribute and can be taken for different majors, such as Global Studies and Educational Studies. Prerequisite: Ling 170 is recommended but not required.
Instruction Type:Classroom instruction Grade Options:C Fees:
Course Type:IdentSame As:L92 4111  L12 4111  L34 413B  L38 413Frequency:Annually / History


A course may be either a “Home” course or an “Ident” course.

A “Home” course is a course that is created, maintained and “owned” by one academic department (aka the “Home” department). The “Home” department is primarily responsible for the decision making and logistical support for the course and instructor.

An “Ident” course is the exact same course as the “Home” (i.e. same instructor, same class time, etc), but is simply being offered to students through another department for purposes of registering under a different department and course number.

Students should, whenever possible, register for their courses under the department number toward which they intend to count the course. For example, an AFAS major should register for the course "Africa: Peoples and Cultures" under its Ident number, L90 306B, whereas an Anthropology major should register for the same course under its Home number, L48 306B.

Grade Options
C=Credit (letter grade)
S=Special Audit
Q=ME Q (Medical School)

Please note: not all grade options assigned to a course are available to all students, based on prime school and/or division. Please contact the student support services area in your school or program with questions.

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