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BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING (E62)  (Dept. Info)Engineering and Applied Science  (Policies)SP2022

E62 BME 601CResearch Rotation for BME Doctoral Students3.0 Units
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
01TBATBABauerNo Final000
02TBATBASnyder, L.No Final500
03TBATBABaylyNo Final500
04TBATBAMoranNo Final500
05TBATBATang, S.No Final500
07TBATBADiantonioNo Final500
08TBATBASettonNo Final1000
09TBATBAWicklineNo Final500
11TBATBAMitraNo Final500
12TBATBAGuilakNo Final1000
13TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
15TBATBARay, W. ZachNo Final500
16TBATBAGeninNo Final500
17TBATBABarbourNo Final500
18TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
19TBATBAMonosovNo Final500
20TBATBACuiNo Final500
21TBATBACulverNo Final510
22TBATBAChen, HongNo Final500
23TBATBAWang, YongNo Final500
25TBATBABarchNo Final500
26TBATBAAn, HongyuNo Final500
27TBATBAGreenberg, M.No Final500
29TBATBAO'SullivanNo Final540
30TBATBAShao, J-YNo Final30150
31TBATBAMillmanNo Final1000
32TBATBAChakrabarttyNo Final1000
33TBATBALake, S.No Final500
35TBATBABridgmanNo Final500
37TBATBABrentNo Final500
38TBATBASilva, M.No Final500
39TBATBAShokeenNo Final500
40TBATBAZhu, QuingNo Final500
41TBATBAHuebsch, NNo Final1000
44TBATBAPappuNo Final500
45TBATBAChing, ShiNungNo Final500
46TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
47TBATBAMcAlindenNo Final500
49TBATBAMeyer, G.No Final500
50TBATBALanzaNo Final500
51TBATBAVaheyNo Final500
52TBATBALee, J-MNo Final500
53TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
54TBATBAZhang, TiezhiNo Final500
55TBATBA[TBA]No Final1000
57TBATBA[TBA]No Final1000
58TBATBAKlyachkoNo Final500
59TBATBAMechamNo Final500
60TBATBAFrenchNo Final500
61TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
62TBATBAAchilefuNo Final500
64TBATBARaman,B.No Final1000
65TBATBAVan EssenNo Final500
66TBATBAMilbrandtNo Final1000
67TBATBAMarcusNo Final1000
68TBATBASong, S-KNo Final500
70TBATBAJhaNo Final500
71TBATBAPistonNo Final500
72TBATBAAncesNo Final500
73TBATBATai, Y-CNo Final500
74TBATBAHolyNo Final500
75TBATBARentschlerNo Final500
76TBATBACorbettaNo Final500
77TBATBANichols, C.No Final500
78TBATBAEarhartNo Final500
79TBATBAWoodardNo Final500
80TBATBAImoukhuedeNo Final500
81TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
82TBATBASilva, J.No Final500
83TBATBA[TBA]No Final500
84TBATBAMaherNo Final500
85TBATBASandellNo Final500
86TBATBAWagenseilNo Final500
88TBATBARudraNo Final500
89TBATBAPincusNo Final1000
91TBATBADantas, G.No Final500
92TBATBAWahl, R.No Final1000
93TBATBAKerschensteinerNo Final1000


A course may be either a “Home” course or an “Ident” course.

A “Home” course is a course that is created, maintained and “owned” by one academic department (aka the “Home” department). The “Home” department is primarily responsible for the decision making and logistical support for the course and instructor.

An “Ident” course is the exact same course as the “Home” (i.e. same instructor, same class time, etc), but is simply being offered to students through another department for purposes of registering under a different department and course number.

Students should, whenever possible, register for their courses under the department number toward which they intend to count the course. For example, an AFAS major should register for the course "Africa: Peoples and Cultures" under its Ident number, L90 306B, whereas an Anthropology major should register for the same course under its Home number, L48 306B.

Grade Options
C=Credit (letter grade)
S=Special Audit
Q=ME Q (Medical School)

Please note: not all grade options assigned to a course are available to all students, based on prime school and/or division. Please contact the student support services area in your school or program with questions.